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Hey there, I'm Zack Lazarus.   A freelance producer that has worked in film and television productions of every imaginable size. From filming community events for local news stations BETA Cameras to working on major feature films as a union lighting technician.  I decided to take those years of experiences and build my own company.  I have produced countless videos all over North America (and other parts of the world).  

I've recently upgraded the site and business to reflect all the services available from myself and my team.  My focus has shifted in recent years to helping entrepreneurs and companies tell their stories.  

Currently travelling the world and helping others do what I do best, tell stories.
And yes... that's the "The Hoff."

Featured Client Project: Libertad Apparel: Kickstarter Campaign

Client Summary

By combining style and performance Libertad Apparel has created the most versatile Merino wool travel shirt that can withstand days of travel while looking impressive for every occasion. From long flights, to business meetings, to a night out, Libertad always looks good!

Project Goals

• Produce a 2-3 minute crowdfunding video with a story element
• Engage the audience to take action and be a part of the journey
• Highlight the features of the shirt